120 Easter Trivia Questions: Challenge your Knowledge

Get ready to hop into Easter with our exciting trivia challenge! We have prepared 120 questions divided into twelve sub-trivia, with ten questions for each in three levels: easy, medium, and hard. Whether you’re a casual Easter enthusiast or an egg-hunting expert, our trivia will test your knowledge of Easter traditions, history, and symbols.

Easter is a time of joy and celebration, marking the resurrection of Jesus Christ. As you navigate our trivia, learn about Easter’s diverse traditions and customs, and explore the rich history behind this memorable holiday.

Please note that the questions will be presented on separate pages, allowing you to focus on each question individually. We want to provide the best experience possible, allowing you to fully engage with the trivia and enjoy the satisfaction of discovering new Easter facts and showcasing your expertise.

Easy Easter trivia questions

  • Trivia: Easter 1 Easy Mode
  • Trivia: Easter 2 Easy Mode
  • Trivia: Easter 3 Easy Mode
  • Trivia: Easter 4 Easy Mode

Intermediate Easter trivia questions

  • Trivia: Easter 1 Medium Mode
  • Trivia: Easter 2 Medium Mode
  • Trivia: Easter 3 Medium Mode
  • Trivia: Easter 4 Medium Mode

Hard Easter trivia questions

  • Trivia: Easter 1 Hard Mode
  • Trivia: Easter 2 Hard Mode
  • Trivia: Easter 3 Hard Mode
  • Trivia: Easter 4 Hard Mode

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