120 Pokémon Trivia Questions: Test your knowledge now

Are you a Pokemon fan? Test your knowledge of these lovable creatures with our exciting Pokemon trivia. From the original 151 Pokemon to the latest generations, our trivia covers a wide range of topics that will challenge even the most dedicated trainers.

Please note that the questions themselves will be presented on separate pages to enhance the user experience. So, grab your Poke Ball, gather your team, and get ready to embark on a Pokemon trivia adventure. Good luck, trainers!

Disclaimer: All questions and answers have been carefully curated for accuracy, but if you notice any discrepancies or have suggestions, please feel free to reach out to us. Let’s celebrate the wonderful world of Pokemon together!

Easy pokémon trivia questions

  • Trivia: Pokémon 1 Easy Mode
  • Trivia: Pokémon 2 Easy Mode
  • Trivia: Pokémon 3 Easy Mode

Intermediate pokémon trivia questions

  • Trivia: Pokémon 1 Medium Mode
  • Trivia: Pokémon 2 Medium Mode
  • Trivia: Pokémon 3 Medium Mode

Hard pokémon trivia questions

  • Trivia: Pokémon 1 Hard Mode
  • Trivia: Pokémon 2 Hard Mode
  • Trivia: Pokémon 3 Hard Mode
  • Trivia: Pokémon 4 Hard Mode
  • Trivia: Pokémon 5 Hard Mode
  • Trivia: Pokémon 6 Hard Mode

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