90 The Grinch Trivia Questions: The perfect quiz for Xmas

Christmas is coming, so is our The Grinch Quiz. Are you ready to embark on a festive journey with The Grinch Trivia? Take advantage of the ultimate quiz experience that brings the beloved tale to life in a way that no other trivia can. 

We’ve curated an exceptional set of questions to challenge your knowledge, spread holiday cheer, and make your heart grow in three sizes. Here’s why our Grinch trivia stands out among the rest.

Easy the grinch trivia questions

  • Trivia 1: The Grinch – Easy Mode
  • Trivia 2: The Grinch – Easy Mode
  • Trivia 3: The Grinch – Easy Mode

Intermediate the grinch trivia questions

  • Trivia 1: The Grinch – Medium Mode
  • Trivia 2: The Grinch – Medium Mode
  • Trivia 3: The Grinch – Medium Mode

Hard the grinch trivia questions

  • Trivia 1: The Grinch – Hard Mode
  • Trivia 2: The Grinch – Hard Mode
  • Trivia 3: The Grinch – Hard Mode

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Why The Grinch Movie Quiz is the Best:

Experience the magic of Whoville like never before with our carefully crafted Grinch trivia. Boldly step into the whimsical world of Dr. Seuss and follow the Grinch’s misadventures with questions that capture the essence of the timeless holiday classic. 

The opportunity to relive the heartwarming story of redemption and rediscover the true meaning of Christmas is here. Please choose the best and indulge in a trivia experience that will leave you grinning like the Grinch himself!

How It Works:

Playing The Grinch Movie Trivia is as simple as Whoville’s holiday celebrations. You can choose your challenge with 90 questions divided into nine trivia sets, each with three subtrivias per difficulty level.

Answer the ten questions in each group, press submit, and unveil your score with the correct answers. It’s a seamless process designed for everyone, from casual fans to Grinch experts.

About The Grinch:

In the heart of Whoville lives a grumpy green creature named the Grinch, who despises Christmas festivities. Our Grinch quiz celebrates this beloved character and the heartwarming story penned by Dr. Seuss.

Rediscover the joy, laughter, and transformative spirit that have made The Grinch a cherished part of holiday traditions.


Q: Can I play The Grinch Movie Trivia with family and friends? A: Absolutely! Gather your loved ones, share a cup of hot cocoa, and let the Grinch-themed festivities begin.

Q: Are there questions about Cindy Lou and Max, the dog? A: Indeed! Our The Grinch trivia questions explore every nook and cranny of Whoville, including the delightful characters who make the story memorable.

Q: Will there be new Grinch trivia sets in the future? A: Absolutely! We’re committed to keeping the trivia fresh, ensuring fans can return for more Grinch-inspired fun.

Q: Is The Grinch Movie Trivia suitable for all ages? A: Yes! Whether you’re a kid or a kid at heart, our trivia caters to everyone who loves The Grinch.

Unleash the joy of the holiday season with The Grinch Movie Trivia – where questions are as delightful as a Whoville feast, and the answers are wrapped in festive cheer!

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