The Ultimate Lion King Trivia: 60 Questions (Easy – Hard)

Are you ready to dive into the heart of the savannah and test your knowledge of the iconic Lion King movies? Join us in the ultimate cinematic adventure with The Lion King Movie Trivia. We’ve curated an experience that transcends traditional quizzes, offering enthusiasts like you a chance to relive the magic of Simba’s journey.

From Rafiki’s wisdom to Timon and Pumbaa’s humor, our questions celebrate the heartwarming moments that define this animated masterpiece. Hakuna Matata!

Easy Lion King Trivia Questions

  • Trivia 1: The Lion King – Easy Mode
  • Trivia 2: The Lion King – Easy Mode

Intermediate Lion King Trivia Questions

  • Trivia 1: The Lion King – Medium Mode
  • Trivia 2: The Lion King – Medium Mode

Hard Lion King Trivia Questions

  • Trivia 1: The Lion King – Hard Mode
  • Trivia 2: The Lion King – Hard Mode

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Why our The Lion King Quiz is the Best:

Step into the Pride Lands and experience the Circle of Life differently. Our trivia isn’t just a series of questions; it’s a nostalgic voyage through the animated masterpiece that captured hearts worldwide. 

With captivating visuals and beloved characters, the primary purpose of our trivia is to transport you back to Pride Rock. Choose The Lion King Movie Trivia for an unparalleled experience that Hakuna Matata enthusiasts won’t want to miss.

How It Works:

Embark on the journey through the Kingdom with our user-friendly trivia platform. Each set comprises 60 questions, divided into six trivia sections with three subtrivias per difficulty level. Roar through the challenges by answering ten questions in each set. 

Afterward, press the submit button to unveil your score and the correct answers. It’s a Hakuna Matata way to prove your Lion King expertise.

About The Lion King Movies:

The Lion King movies, crafted by Disney, are timeless tales of bravery, friendship, and pursuing one’s destiny. From Simba’s playful cub days to the majestic return to Pride Rock, our trivia celebrates the unforgettable moments and enchanting soundtrack that make The Lion King a cinematic classic.


Q: Can I share The Lion King Movie Trivia with friends? A: Absolutely! Challenge your friends to see who reigns supreme as the Lion King trivia champion.

Q: Will the trivia cover the original and the live-action Lion King movies? A: Yes! Our trivia spans both versions, ensuring a comprehensive exploration of the Lion King universe.

Q: Are there questions about the iconic songs like “Circle of Life” and “Hakuna Matata”? A: Absolutely! Immerse yourself in the magic of the soundtrack with questions about the movie’s unforgettable tunes.

Q: Can I expect new Lion King trivia sets in the future? A: Indeed! We’re committed to keeping the trivia fresh and challenging so you can continually test your Lion King knowledge.

Prepare to roar excitedly and relive the magic of The Lion King movies with our trivia.

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