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Welcome to the Ancient Egyptian Trivia Challenge! Are you ready to test your knowledge on one of the most fascinating civilizations in history? From pharaohs and pyramids to gods and goddesses, this trivia will take you on a journey through time to the heart of ancient Egypt.

Not only will you have the opportunity to showcase your expertise, but you’ll also have a chance to learn something new and exciting about this ancient civilization. And don’t worry, after you complete the trivia, you’ll be able to see the correct answers and see just how much you know about ancient Egypt. So why wait? Take the challenge and see how much you really know about this fascinating civilization!

You can see the correct answer after submitting the trivia! Enjoy it!

What was the name of the annual festival in Ancient Egypt that celebrated the successful inundation of the Nile and the replenishment of the land?

What was the purpose of the Valley of the Kings?

What was the name of the ancient Egyptian goddess of war and healing?

How many pyramids were built in Ancient Egypt?

How many chambers does the Great Pyramid of Giza have?

Who was the Pharaoh known for his rock-cut temples in the city of Abu Simbel?

What was the name of the famous Ancient Egyptian physician known for his medical treatise "The Edwin Smith Papyrus"? (Still debated)

Who was the Pharaoh who tried to promote a single god, the sun disk Aten, and changed his name to reflect his religious beliefs?

Who was the goddess of the sky and mother of the gods in Ancient Egypt?

What is the name of the Ancient Egyptian book of the dead containing spells and prayers for the afterlife?

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