Trivia: Dragon Ball 2 Hard Mode

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In Dragon Ball GT, what is the name of the energy technique used by Omega Shenron to obliterate a planet?

Who is the character that created the Super Dragon Balls in the Dragon Ball universe?

In Dragon Ball, who is the character that was able to collect the dragon balls but couldn't make his wish?

In Dragon Ball Z, what is the name person who hired Tao Pai Pai as bodyguard near Chazke Village?

Who is the character who first defeated Beerus after Beerus lost control from eating wasabi?

Who is the original owner of the four-star Dragon Ball?

What is the name of the technique used by Jiren in Dragon Ball Super that allowed him to stop Hit's final attack?

Who is the character that created the Time Machine used for time travel in the Dragon Ball series?

Who is the master of Muten Roshi mentioned in Dragon Ball?

Who is the character responsible for the creation of the Black Star Dragon Balls in Dragon Ball GT?

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