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Welcome to our medium-mode NBA trivia! If you are an NBA fan, this trivia is perfect. Test your knowledge of some of the NBA’s most memorable moments and legendary players. With a mix of challenging and fun questions, you’ll have a chance to showcase your skills and learn new facts.

Are you ready to show off your NBA knowledge? Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual observer, our medium-mode trivia offers a mix of questions that will challenge your understanding of the league’s history, rules, and players. So put on your thinking cap, grab a snack, and dive into the world of the NBA!

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How many rings does Steve Kerr have?

Who is the first player to have won the NBA's Defensive Player of the Year award four times?

What is the NBA's "luxury tax"?

Which team won the NBA championship in the year 1996?

Why was the "Stockton-Malone pick-and-roll" so effective?

Who is the player with the most NBA All-NBA Team selections all-time?

What is the NBA's "stretch-four" position?

Which NBA MVP has worst losing record?

What is the "soft cap" in NBA?

Who is the player with the most career 3-pointers made in NBA history?

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