Trivia: NBA 4 Easy Mode

Are you a basketball fan looking to test your knowledge? Look no further than our NBA Trivia in Easy Mode! This trivia features questions about NBA history, statistics, and awards. Whether you’re a casual fan or a die-hard enthusiast, this trivia is a great way to challenge your knowledge and have fun.

So, are you ready to test your NBA knowledge? We’ve got questions ranging from who has the most NBA rebounds to the name of the award for the best sixth man. With ten questions, you’ll learn something new about the NBA and discover a new favorite player or team. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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How long does a quarter last in NBA?

What is the maximum number of fouls a player can receive before fouling out in an NBA game?

How many steps at max can you take without bouncing before violation in the NBA?

How many timeouts do you get in NBA?

What is the maximum number of timeouts allowed during the fourth quarter in the NBA?

What is the height of the basketball hoop?

What is the regulation size of an NBA basketball?

In the NBA, how much time does a team have to advance the ball past half-court line after taking possession of the ball?

What happens in the NBA if a team fails to hit the rim within 24 seconds of taking possession of the ball?

How long are the overtime periods in the NBA?

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