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Welcome to our medium-level football trivia! Do you have what it takes to tackle these questions? We challenge you to test your knowledge and see how many you can get right. Don’t be intimidated by the questions; we promise they’re not too difficult. So come on, try it, and see if you can score a touchdown with your football knowledge!

Are you a true football fan? Then this trivia is for you! We’ve compiled a set of questions that will test your knowledge of the game. We’ve covered it all, from famous plays in NFL history to the difference between a fullback and a running back. So please take a deep breath, channel your inner football guru, and let’s get started! Don’t be shy; completing this trivia will be a fun and rewarding experience for any football enthusiast.

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What is the "tuck rule" in football?

Which team did the Baltimore Ravens defeat in Super Bowl XLVII?

What is the difference between a "pocket passer" and a "mobile quarterback" in football?

What is the "Music City Miracle" in NFL history?

What is a "blitz" in football?

Who was the first player selected in the 2021 NFL Draft?

What is the difference between a "zone defense" and a "man-to-man defense" in football?

Which team did the Philadelphia Eagles defeat in Super Bowl LII?

What is the "Immaculate Reception" in American football?

What is the difference between a "fullback" and a "running back" in football?

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