Trivia: Pokémon 5 Hard Mode

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Can a Pokémon with the ability "No Guard" bypass the effects of a move that has increased accuracy, such as "Lock-On" or "Mind Reader"?

Can a Pokémon with the ability "Trace" copy the hidden ability of a target Pokémon?

Can a Pokémon with the ability "Sturdy" survive a one-hit KO move, such as "Fissure" or "Sheer Cold," if its HP is full?

What is the probability of hatching a specific shiny Pokémon from an Egg, given the Masuda Method?

Can a Pokémon with the ability "Magic Bounce" reflect the effects of moves that don't directly target it, such as entry hazards or weather-inducing moves?

What are the odds of finding the different forms of Unown in Pokémon HeartGold Gold and SoulSilver?

What are the precise odds of encountering a shiny Pokémon without any modifiers or enhancements in the wild?

Can a Pokémon with the ability "Truant" ever attack on consecutive turns under any circumstances?

How many different possible combinations of EVs (Effort Values) can a single Pokémon have across all six stats?

What is the maximum number of steps a Pokémon can take in the Safari Zone before it automatically flees?

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