Trivia: Pokémon 6 Hard Mode

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What is the precise algorithm used by the Pokémon series to generate the personality value (PID) for each encountered Pokémon?

Can a Pokémon with the ability "Multitype" change its type when holding a plate, even if the plate corresponds to a type that the Pokémon is not normally able to have?

Which move is required to mega evolve Rayquaza?

Which movement cannot copy the flower gift skill?

What are the specific criteria and mechanics for encountering the elusive "Shiny Lock" in Pokémon games, which prevents certain Pokémon from appearing as shiny?

What are the exact mechanics behind the move "Worry Seed" concerning "Insomnia"?

Can a Pokémon with the ability "Primal Reversion" revert to its regular form during battle?

Can a Pokémon with the ability "Power Construct" transform into its Complete Forme during battle?

What are the specific mechanics behind the move "Me First" and its ability to copy and use the target's move with increased priority?

Can a Pokémon with the ability "Flare Boost" receive a boost in some of its stats if it gets burned?

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