Trivia 3: The Last of Us – Hard Mode

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Who created The Last of Us Part 2?

What is the maximum number of arrows that can be carried at a time in The Last of Us Part II?

How many different difficulty options are available in The Last of Us Remastered edition for PlayStation 4?

Who is the voice of Lev in the game The Last of Us Part II?

What is the specific location of the town where Joel and Ellie encounter Henry and Sam in the first game?

What is the full name of the surgeon Joel kills in The Last of Us?

What is the name of the actress playing the character Anna in ""The Last of Us"" TV series?

In The Last of Us, where do Joel and Ellie see the giraffes?

In "The Last of Us", what is the name of the military group that rules over the quarantine zones?

Who is the actor playing the character Riley in "The Last of Us" TV series?

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The Last of Us Trivia

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